ZC 004
ZC 004
ZC 004
ZC 004

ZC 004

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Sole: used tire
Template: made from recycled leather
Memory foam
Vegan leather

Note to customer:

  • Manufacturing time for a pair is one week + shipping time, handmade.
  • The rim sole may come with numbers, symbols or some other detail

Check your size MX or US here.

Don't throw your Zewa´s sandals in to the trash, return your zewa's sandals to our offices to be able to reuse the sole and manufacture more Zewa's sandals with the quality and comfort that we characterizes.

If you return your Zewa´s Sandals you will get a 20 % discount off on the nest purchase of your new Zewa's sandals.

This will continue to contribute to the reduction of garbage and pollution on the planet.

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